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How to get the right support during your divorce or separation

24 Aug

Finding the right support at a time like this is paramount to your success. Here is how to create the best support network possible.

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Whether you part on amicable terms or your marriage has left a trail of negative emotions in its wake, feeling supported when going through a breakup/divorce makes a world of a difference.  So, finding the right support can be a daunting process. If you’re currently trying to navigate the aftermath of a divorce, here are some helpful outlets and resources:

Reaching out to family and friends

In a paradoxical way, sometimes talking to your closest friends and family about your struggles can feel like the hardest decision to make. You know that they should be there for you, but you don’t want to  burden them with your problems. Regardless, often the people closest to you know you the best and most intimately. They can listen to your feelings, and provide distractions like taking you out for meals or helping you run errands. You will be surprised how much of a help reaching out can be.

Relationship/marriage support groups

Divorce and separation can be a very lonely experience. Feeling part of a community when you’re dealing with an intense emotional upheaval can offer a huge amount of comfort.

Online web support groups are a wonderful safe space for you to share your feelings, without any discrimination. They can help shed the overwhelming loneliness and isolation that often comes with divorce. Social media platforms like Facebook also have a wide variety of relationship support groups, including specific groups for divorce and separation advice, single parents, life after divorce, and much more.

Talking therapy and coaching

Therapy and coaching are both great sources of support. They offer guidance on how to manage stress, grief, and destabilising thoughts, all of which can emerge throughout a divorce.

Therapy focuses primarily on processing emotions, and past events. Coaching, in contrast, focuses on the now/the future by breaking down the areas of contention in a relationship and offering support/tools/guidance to help you move forward. The ultimate goal is to reach a suitable agreement for everyone. Coaching focuses on emotional growth as well as providing concrete steps and solutions oriented towards the future.

Lifestyle experts

Divorce is a catalyst for changes that affect every aspect of your life from your finances to your diet. Trying to balance this can often be a lot to ask of yourself. And yet getting regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet and achieving a strong self care routine all make a difference.

Financial advisers can also help provide objective and impartial guidance, ensuring a fair protection of both parties’ money. Their support will help you reach a suitable agreement for everyone involved, setting you up in a strong position as you move onto the next chapter of your life.

Fresh Start

All these areas of support start to add up in terms of the cost of time and money, which is part of the reason why I have instigated Fresh Start. With the programme you’ll have access to a range of expertise and legal advice, as well as finding a community who want to listen to you, as well as finding the support you need.

With Fresh Start’s ‘Gift a Membership’ option you can also offer the programme to anyone who you know is either struggling through a divorce or dealing with the aftermath.

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