Divorce and family dynamics coaching

Feeling stressed or broken — we’ll work together to help you create a dynamic where everyone thrives.

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Nichole Farrow is one of the UK’s leading mindset coaches specialising in divorce and family dynamics, as featured on; BBC Radio 5 Live.

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Nichole works with divorcing parents to remove conflict, move on as individuals whilst successfully co parenting so they can all thrive as a blended family.

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coaching with Nichole Farrow is right for you if;

  • Staying scares you as much as leaving, you are considering divorce and don’t know what to do
  • You have or are in the process of divorcing, and need support to do this successfully without messing up your children
  • You have divorced and need to establish a healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex so you and your children can thrive
  • Family conflict has manifested into toxic relationships that are undermining your blended family.

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benefits you can experience

Family balance

Harmonious homelife

Healthy relationhips

Reduced stress

Strengthened resilience


Nichole helped me resolve underlying issues and subconscious belief systems that were holding me back in my life and my relationships.  Having had a difficult time emotionally over the last couple of years Nichole’s coaching gave me the confidence to take control of my own happiness, focussing on what I did want rather than on what I didn’t. Thank you Nichole!