about Nichole Farrow

Nichole Farrow is one of the UK's leading mindset coaches, specialising in supporting divorcing parents and complex blended families. She has a wealth of experience at dealing with complicated divorce cases between high-net-worth individuals.

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Renowned for her skills and top-level practice, for Nichole discretion is key concerning her clients. Well respected for having the skills to help parents focus on the bigger picture, putting them at ease and supporting them in dealing with complicated situations.

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about Nichole Farrow

Nichole is regularly endorsed by numerous high-profile lawyers. She is also known for her acute grasp in dealing with trust and relationship issues.

A certified Robbins Madanes trained coach and Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, she is an active member of Resolution who empowers individuals and supports them to take back control of their lives to create the future they want.

 A pioneer in her field, Nichole’s focus lies in changing the stigma surrounding divorce so it’s seen as the first step on your journey to supporting your family. Described by a peer as ' a leading light in this field ', Nichole’s known for dealing with both sides, and believes it is the best way for everyone to move forward in a healthy family dynamic. But, fear not, if this approach can’t be brokered it is no barrier to working with Nichole or achieving success. 

It is also important to stress that Nichole knows first-hand the impact of divorce. Using her own experience of being born into a blended family and seeing the impact of her own marriage break down, Nichole knows how painful these situations can be. But through coaching, she was able to work on her mindset and subconscious beliefs that were holding her back. This approach allows her to help clients cope and empathise with everything from heartbreak to betrayal and severe conflict. 

Always looking to take on new challenges, Nichole is unafraid to deal with the biggest of issues and relishes the chance to help people attain the success they so richly deserve as a family – be it blended, extended or nuclear. She is also known for her writings on mindset/divorce, and her guest appearances on various media programmes.

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Nichole's areas of expertise

  • Mastering your mind to divorce amicably and move on successfully
  • Blended families establishing healthy family dynamics 
  • Co-parenting during divorce or separation and after
  • International co-parenting
  • Introducing step parents and or step siblings
  • Removing tension and conflict
  • Breaking destructive family behaviour patterns
  • Overcoming external influences


'By going through various exercises and making me aware of the small adjustments I could make, Nichole helped me to approach events in a different way.' E. – Soho.

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