about Nichole Farrow

A child of divorce, divorcee now happily remarried and a mother of two I know a thing or two about toxic relationships, breaking cycles and creating happy fullfilling ones. All the strategies I coach have been tried and tested in my own life as well as helping countless others.

My own experiences have fuelled my passion for helping others navigate the complexities of modern family life. I believe in the power of healthy relationships, and I'm committed to helping you create the best possible environment for your family to thrive no matter the set up - nuclear, co-parenting or blended.

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about Nichole Farrow

My personal journey profoundly informs my work. Here is my story.

Born into a blended family, my parents divorced when I was two amid infidelity. They struggled with co-parenting, creating a toxic environment until I was 16. No disrespect to my parents they were trying to navigate a difficult situation without the support and insight we have today. Nonetheless this deeply impacted me and my siblings, with five out of six, including myself, getting divorced in adult life.

At 21, my dad died of cancer, leaving a void I desperately tried to fill. I me my ex husband 6 months later and married young, but the relationship was unhealthy and ended in divorce at 28. This challenging period led me to do a lot of soul searching and discover NLP and human needs psychology, which became the foundation of my coaching practice. I worked diligently to heal from my own divorce, undoing the programming from my parents' toxic relationship. My experience in the corporate world, working with business and people strategy, further highlighted how personal relationships and home life impact performance and success. This combination of personal healing and professional insight paved the way for my coaching career.

Since then I have worked on a number of high-profile divorce and co-parenting cases, earning endorsements from top solicitors. I am often asked to comment in the media, with a regular slot on BBC Five Live, and contributions to Tatler, Radio 4, and Spears magazine.

I met my now husband, Ben, and together as two children of divorce we navigate our own blended families undoing our own programming whilst raising two young children. Today, I am pleased to say my family is happily blended; my mum and stepmum even holiday together, and we all come together for family events. This personal experience, combined with my professional expertise, drives my passion for helping others create healthy, thriving family environments no matter the set up.

Alongside my one-on-one coaching, Ben and I host the Parenting and Marriage In the Digital Age Podcast, sharing our insights on maintaining a healthy marriage and raising confident, happy children. We aim to create a movement towards breaking cycles of dysfunction and creating healthy relationships and thriving families.

Today, I continue to help clients balance their home life and careers, supporting them through marriage, parenting, separation, co-parenting, and blending families. My goal is to ensure families achieve positive outcomes, creating environments where everyone can flourish. My mission is to help parents create healthy, thriving families.

Whether you want to rekindle your marriage, need co-parenting guidance, or are blending families, I’m here to help. Get in touch to work one-on-one with me or tune into our podcast. Or join the waiting list for our membership, a community of parents who value their relationships and are committed to being the best partners and parents they can be.

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Nichole's areas of expertise

  • Building healthy relationships for you and your family
  • Reigniting your spark and connection
  • Strengthening unity and relationships
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Overcoming infidelity
  • Resolving connection and intimacy issues
  • Finding balance in your relationship / life and setting healthy boundaries
  • Introducing new partners and children
  • Managing conflict
  • Breaking destructive behaviour patterns
  • Overcoming external influences
  • Blended families establishing healthy family dynamics 
  • Co-parenting during divorce or separation and after


While divorce was devastating, Nichole empowered me to view it as an opportunity for growth and renewal. With her support, I was able to rediscover my inner strength, courage, and purpose. I truly believe my family has emerged stronger and more resilient thanks to Nichole's invaluable coaching.

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