How to decide what you want in life

29 Mar

If you don't know what you want but you know you are not happy with where you are, this is a great exercise for helping you work out what it is you're REALLY wanting. Only then can you focus on it and create the action to make it happen.

In decision can be crippling and lead to procrastination. Being a good decision maker is a skill sadly one that many of us have not been taught, and sets successful people apart. Majority of people walk around not knowing what they want let alone how to make it happen, that is why they are always asking others what they think they should do. If this is how you feel you are not alone, many people don't know what they want or if they do they are not focusing on it and making it happen. It is the reason so many people go around asking others what they think they should do. The truth is the answers will not come from outside they come from you.

However knowing what you want, especially after a life changing event such as divorce when there is so much change and uncertainty can be really challenging and overwhelming. Regardless of where you are or what has gone before if you are not satisfied and want more this is a great exercise for working out what that is for you.

This is a great exercise for helping you reflect and get some perspective on what you ACTUALLY want, what is important to you and what the impact will be in your life so you can make good decisions that are really going to benefit you and your future.

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Exercise to help you decide what you want
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