Wheel of life

26 Oct
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This is a great exercise for focusing on what you want in your life, accessing the gap, and coming up with actions to close that gap in five simple steps. As discussed on 5 live.

Step 1 Decide what a 10 looks like in each area of your life.

Step 2 Score where you are now in relation to 10 in that area, this gives you the gap.

Step 3 Look at what area you want to prioritise usually you pick no more than 2 - You will find that doing 2 at a time gives you focus and everything is connected to so it will have an impact on other areas.

Step 4 What habits do you have in that area that are not serving you and the actions you can take to get to your 10 in that area.

Step 5 Set your self 6 actions a day on achieving those goals.

Download your own wheel of life here


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