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All about Fresh Start

1 Sep

Fresh Start is my membership programme providing guidance to those going through divorce or struggling to create a healthy family dynamic.

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I only wish it had been around when I went through my divorce, and my parents went through theirs.

The programme is designed to lessen the emotional stress and financial burden by providing expert tools and services at an affordable price – making divorce coaching available to as many people as possible.

What’s included?

Coaching techniques & tools

As an NLP trained coach who specialises in human needs psychology, I will provide my knowledge and expertise to give you advice and techniques that can be applied to real-life situations. Working one-to-one with clients has enabled me to support them and taught me what works and what doesn’t. You will be provided with the tools which will help you to divorce successfully and move on to building a healthy relationship.  


As well as expert coaching techniques, the programme offers monthly Q&As with me to answer any specific questions to help your situation - be it to do with the impact the divorce is having on your children, legal worries or what you can do to calm your mind. We will always find ways to help.

Expert advice

You will also have access to practical information from other professionals such as lawyers, top barristers, nutritionists, financial planners/advisors, co-parenting experts, child psychologists and much more. These experts will provide you with guidance and an understanding of the divorce process, that will help you make better decisions and give you a sense of control.

Community support

Divorce can be a particularly lonely experience, having others around you that understand your situation and what you are feeling provides huge comfort.

With Fresh Start you’ll join a wide community of people who all share similar journeys and experiences. There will be a forum where members can interact and connect, sharing advice and building strong support networks, and of course I will be there as well. You are never alone.

Regular Newsletter

My weekly newsletter will help keep you up to date with the latest information and act as a reminder of the support available, helping to highlight any upcoming events and Q&A’s.

What can you expect?

In becoming a member you will have access to all of this and can expect your mindset and wellbeing to change. This programme will help you come to terms with the reality of your situation and allow you to let go of your past, showing you ways to embrace the future and move forward in a successful and healthy way. As you learn how to navigate your complex emotions, you’ll be able to create better future relationships without any past trauma or baggage.


All of this is available for just £20 per month or £220 for the year, as a founding member. This is less than the cost of one session with me as a divorce coach, and you get it for 365 days. It’s cheaper than a cleaner but will leave you with long-lasting results and a brilliant future you can look forward to.

N.B.  This really is a steal but I can only make this offer available for the month of September.

Sign up to Fresh Start today to take the next step in your journey to success!

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