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How to choose the right solicitor for your divorce

10 Sep

Choosing the right solicitor requires a lot of careful consideration. Here are my top tips for making the right choice.

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Choosing the right solicitor requires a lot of careful consideration. You need to make sure that they’re the right match for your specific needs and circumstances, because every divorce is different. As well as finding an experienced solicitor who will help you develop an effective and intelligent strategy that leaves you and your family in a strong position going forward and I don’t just mean financially but emotionally as well. Here are some top tips to help you narrow your search:

Beauty Parade

Many solicitors offer a free 30-minute consultation before you choose to work with them. You should use this opportunity to ask as many questions as you’d like, see if there’s a comfortable rapport, and get more information on their specialisations. It’s also important to enquire about a firm’s charging structure, as some places will charge you for a paralegal in addition to a divorce solicitor whereas others will not. You can also find out if you’re entitled to more support at a lower price. 

Do not feel worried about making the most of these free sessions by attending multiple ones at different firms. It’s advised to see at least 3 or 4 to expand your research and ensure that you have the most relevant information at no cost before coming to a decision.

Do Your Research

Always research the firm, look at their values and objectives; look up testimonials from previous clients and check whether they already have an established and trustworthy reputation. If it’s a smaller, lesser-known firm, research their specialisations and ask yourself if these are right for your situation.

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Researching a firm is important, but it’s also necessary to look into individual solicitors.

Meeting a solicitor in person is always the best way to determine compatibility but a lot can also be shown by social media presence, such as their personality and beliefs. In checking this, it will inform you as to whether you are a good match. Self-created content such as articles and videos are a good insight into their mindset and approach to work too.   

And why is this important? Because compatibility with your solicitor is a must. You have to know they’ve got your back as you’re working with them intensely and you’re paying for this as well.

Boutiques vs Big Firms

Boutique firms can be an effective and cheaper alternative to big firms. Often these companies have concentrated areas of interest, with specialist lawyers, and allow a more in-depth knowledge base for clients. Client relationships can be a lot more hands-on and feel more personal in these firms. 

Big firms offer a generalised high standard of basic services and professionalism along with prestige and reputation that will undoubtedly be reflected in their broad range of expertise. However, their approach to individual cases may feel impersonal. 


Extensive experience isn’t necessary but can certainly be beneficial. An experienced solicitor will have the confidence to talk about their field and give knows the right questions to ask  answers and advice for your specific questions. As well as responding to your questions, they need to be able to ask the right kind of questions of you and other parties, implementing a clear strategy. It’s essential that you feel confident in the abilities of your solicitor and establish trust in your relationship. 

Ask For Recommendations

Never feel embarrassed about getting divorced, reach out to friends, family members, or even online forums/groups for recommendations and advice. You have a wider network than you realise, and people are always willing to help. 

If you follow these recommendations, they should stand in your good stead when it comes to choosing the right solicitor.

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