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How to avoid court and why with Samantha Woodham

27 Sep

What it is really like to go to court, and how to avoid it from award-winning Family Law Barrister Samantha Woodham

Samantha Woodham, Family Law Barrister and CEO & Co-fonder of The Divorce Surgery

There is ofter a preconception that divorce means fighting out in court, when in actual fact that is the worst case scenario and one where no one wins. In this Interview with Samantha Woodham we discuss what is actually means to go to court, the legal process and other options available to you. We also discuss the wider issue of destigmatising divorce, so that people can divorce with dignity and move on to thrive as family.

Samantha Woodham is a family law barrister considered a leader in her field in the Legal 500, Chambers and Partners, Spears and the Tatler HNW Guide. Along with fellow barrister Harry Gates, she co-founded The Divorce Surgery, the first service in the UK to provide joint family law advice to couples together ( She is a contributor to BBC news on family law, regularly writes about de-stigmatising divorce, was shortlisted for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Women in Law Awards 2020, won Champion of the Year in the Citywealth Powerwomen of the Year Awards 2021, and was one of 40 women awarded the Government’s Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award in April 2021.

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