A successful divorce can be the best thing for some families when done together with the right support. Find out more about the support Nichole offers in the programmes below.

Divorces among couples rose by 18.4% to 107,599 last year, this is the largest increase since 2014. For same-sex couples, the rate has doubled to 822 in 2019 – 72% of which were among female couples.

Whatever the reason for divorcing – an unexpected circumstance or just growing apart, divorce doesn't have to be seen as a failure but rather an evolution.

Nichole is empathetic cares about her clients but is not afraid to confront frank conversations – just look at her clients' reviews. Her coaching examines who you are, so that you can and will do things differently and create the life you want for you and your family. Get in touch today to arrange a compatibility consultation over zoom.

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'Nichole helped me resolve underlying issues and belief systems that were holding me back.  Having had a difficult time emotionally over the last couple of years, Nichole’s coaching gave me the confidence to take control of my own happiness – focussing on what I did want rather than on what had gone wrong.' M. - London