Family Coaching

6 months

Coaching for blended families who want to build a harmonious home life where you all flourish.

What's included

Stage 1 Goals and the gap. Firstly, Nichole starts with your goals – what you want as a family and as individuals. Then Nichole moves on to where you are now and what is keeping you there. In doing this, you learn the art of decision making to change and begin your move forward.

Stage 2 Overcoming beliefs and triggers. In month two, your awareness of your own mind and of each other grows and you confront the beliefs that are undermining your family relationships and preventing you from having the family life you want.

Stage 3 Environment. We are all products of our environment, and here you learn how to create the right environment where everyone is supported and encouraged to form beliefs that empower them to achieve their goals. 

Stage 4 Habits and behaviour. Our thoughts control our behaviour, and our behaviour dictates our results. In this month you evolve the beliefs, behaviours and habits that enable you as a couple and a family to work together as a unit and help you to become responsible for your own actions. 

Stage 5. Connection and Communication. Feeling disconnected has a huge detrimental effect on our relationships and our sense of wellbeing. Nichole will show you how to connect at a subconscious level so you can communicate effectively and face challenges knowing you have each other's back. By raising your awareness, and improving your ability to connect, Nichole encourages you to successfully co-parent and communicate better. 

Stage 6 Magnifying your mindset. Over the past 5 months you will have developed a deeper understanding of yourself, each other and an awareness of the power of your mind to create the life you want. In this last month you will be given the tools to create a compelling future beyond our time together. It is Nichole’s hope that you will pass these tools on and encourage and inspire others to do the same. 

This coaching is available to nuclear and blended families.

What you can expect

  • Release from past issues and beliefs that are undermining your family relationships
  • Growth as individuals and as a unit  to achieve personal and collective goals
  • Resilience that allows you all to be unaffected by external pressures and face challenges together
  • Fun putting the enjoyment and excitement back into your family dynamic
  • Harmony through creating healthy family dynamics at home, where everyone works together as a team and understands each other

What your coaching will look like

For your investment  you will receive 24 weeks of confidential coaching support that guarantees the right results for you and your family. This support will consist of:

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions for parents, with tools and excercises to use as a family
  • Email, phone, whatsapp support between sessions (or as required) to make sure you achieve your goals
  • Daily plans to imprint and APPLY everything that is being taught - this is not theoretical coaching, there will be homework.
  • Regular work plans/check-ups on how things are going, with a LIFETIME Access to exercises, tools and materials. You will use these tools and strategies indefinitely to improve the richness of your life and others.
Download a PDF brochure outlining the coaching programme for divorce.


'Having been in an unhappy situation for a long time, I was confused as to how to resolve it. A colleague suggested I try Nichole, and from that point on things got better. Her robust, warm advice helped me to look at events from a different perspective and I am now well on my way to moving forward with my and my family's life.' M. – Sussex

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