Family Dynamics

24 weeks

Bespoke coaching service for families who want build a harmonious home life where everyone thrives.

benefits of this programme

Harmony in the home

Life balance

Reignited relationhips

Strengthened resilience

Reduced stress

Sense of purpose

What’s included

  • Release from past issues and beliefs that are undermining your family relationships.
  • Growth as individuals and as a unit  to achieve personal and collective goals.
  • Resilience that allows you all to be unaffected by external pressures and face challenges together.
  • Fun putting the enjoyment and excitement back into your family dynamic.
  • Harmony through creating healthy family dynamics at home where everyone works together as a team and understands each other.

We are all individuals with different needs, beliefs, and triggers; add to that the different life stages and external pressures we can all feel. It is no wonder family relationships can be strained or in some cases breakdown and become toxic. 

To break this destructive pattern requires reprogramming at a subconscious level so you can master your thoughts and achieve your goals. Nichole Farrow shows you how to do this so you have the best environment for all of you to grow and thrive - living to your full potential, building stronger relationships and achieving your goals as individuals and as a unit.

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