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Mediation and Hybrid Mediation a great alternative to help avoid court

7 Jun

Mediation and Hybrid Mediation are great options for couples looking to settle out of court, even in the most difficult of cases.

Couple facing each other

There are a lot of misconceptions about Mediation that it is only available to couples who are amicable, that you have to be in the same room and discuss around the table how to settle.

In fact, mediation can be used in both financial and children disputes and help to resolve and settle even the most acrimonious of cases. There are many options within the mediation process including shuttling where the mediation moves between the two parties, virtual or even hybrid that gives couples plenty of choice about how this process is conducted in a way that supports the best outcome for all. Like arbitration, the timeframes are a great deal shorter than waiting to go to court and you have more autonomy over the process and who is overseeing your case i.e. the meditator. Rather than seeing a different judge every time you appear in court with no consistency.

In this interview, I am joined again by the brilliant Suzanne Kingston who takes us through mediation and its benefits. Suzanne has a thriving mediation and arbitration practice and teaches both. Suzanne is a consultant at Mills & Reeve (London) and Carey Olsen (Jersey). and is recognised as a leading individual in both Chamber and Legal 500. She is incredibly knowledgeable and it is my pleasure and privilege to have her here again at Fresh Start. 

In this video we cover;

  • What is mediation
  • What are the different types of mediation
  • Who can play the role of a mediator
  • Who does it suit
  • What are the benefits of mediation
  • A brief outline of the process including the timeframes
  • Who is involved in mediation
  • What is hybrid mediation
  • How do separate confidential meetings work
  • When is hybrid mediation appropriate


You can watch the full interview here. 

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