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Fresh Start Q&A with Nichole Farrow

22 Nov

Nichole answers members questions on who pays, introducing new partners, dealing with anxiety and dating whilst divorcing

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In this Q&A Nichole answers the following questions from Fresh Start members:

1. My STBX moved in with his GF of 3 months.  We’ve been separated for 4 months.  So our three kids will be staying there with him every other weekend.  Is there anything I can do to stop this?  It seems so soon.

2. I’m thinking of taking my ex back even though he’s the worst thing for me. I literally break down so bad when my son leaves I can’t stop crying it is too much for me to be away from my son. Do I sacrifice myself and be with his Dad to have him in my life?

3. I am currently separated but we are trying to work on things and are going to counselling. I go back and forth about what I want/and neither option seems appealing: Option 1 stay together. This option keeps the family together but I’m afraid he is not going to change. I’m afraid we are going to continue to fight and I will never get past my hurt or resentment from the past Option 2 get divorced. I cannot even let my mind think about not having my kids every day. How do I cope with co-parenting?

4. I need a little advice as my wife left me and our 13yr old daughter in our home. Now my wife is demanding house sold etc. We’ve only lived here for 4 months and I think more disruption will have a really bad impact on our daughter. What are my options?

5. My STBX husband has cheated on me and wants me to pay half of the divorce what can I do?

6. I hate feeling hated/ disliked. I'm a people pleaser, so this entire process is messing with my anxiety and depression. How can I feel better

7. When going through a separation, do you date? Or should you wait to be divorced first?

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