Divorce Coaching

Minimum 6 months

Divorce successfully and create a healthy co-parenting relationship so that everyone prospers in the future.

What's included

The divorce journey happens in 5 phases. Nichole supports clients at any or all of these phases.

Stage 1: Deciding to divorce

  • Deciding whether to divorce
  • Committing to divorce amicably

Stage 2: Coping with the early days

  • Telling your children
  • Dealing with the 5 phases of the grieving process
  • Communication with each other 

Stage 3: Getting through it

  • Creating your support team and self care routine
  • Mastering your mental state so you can control you emotions and think clearly
  • Supporting your children
  • Managing conflict and communication with your ex
  • Learning to co-parent apart 

Stage 4: Creating a compelling future

  • Defining a new family dynamic that works for everyone
  • Deciding what you want for your life
  • Programming the mindset to make it happen

Stage 5: Successful co parenting

  • Creating and maintaining a healthy respectful relationship with your ex
  • Successful co-parenting
  • New relationships
  • Creating a blended family dynamic that works for everyone

What you can expect

  • Release from beliefs that are hurting you and understanding why this has occurred
  • Clarity for your future. Divorce is a catalyst for change and creates a new chapter, Nichole will show you how to create a future you will love and want to live within
  • Resilience that allows you to control your emotional state and think clearly no matter what you are faced with
  • Harmony through creating healthy family dynamics, where there is synergy and understanding to co-parent successfully when living apart. 
  • Legacy. The mindset techniques you will learn will enrich not only your life but your children's, and their children's, as you commit to this way of thinking and improve your unconscious habits

What your coaching will look like

Nichole works with clients at all stages of their divorce, either together or individually – from those who are not sure if they want to end their marriage, to clients who are divorced and struggling to establish a healthy family dynamic.

Coaching is for a minimum of 6 months and includes:

  • Weekly 1:1 and/or couple sessions tailored to your specific needs
  • Email, phone, whatsapp support between sessions (or as required)
  • Daily plans to support your mindset and emotional state
  • Mindset tools and strategies that develop and help you to successfully navigate your divorce and create a compelling future for you and your family. With a LIFETIME access to these exercises, tools and materials.
Download a PDF brochure outlining the coaching programme for divorce.


'Nichole has been a revelation, she has helped to clarify my thoughts and allowed me to understand how I deal with situations.' A. – Fulham

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