Zoe Fleetwood - Family Lawyer at Milles and Reeves

Partner, Family Lawyer, Resolution Accredited Specialist in Child Abduction, Adoption and Children Law for Mills & Reeve LLP

Zoe Fleetwood - Family Lawyer at Milles and Reeves

A highly experienced children lawyer, Zoë heads the firm’s children law team. Well-known for handling complex cases, Zoë’s experience includes child abduction, wardship, surrogacy, adoption and forced marriage, as well as disputes involving allegations of abuse. Zoë’s cases often have an international dimension.

Committed to children’s rights and ensuring the best outcome, Zoë has considerable experience of representing children directly.

Zoë successfully defended a leave to remove application on behalf of a father. Her careful and thorough approach meant a strong defence was presented while also ensuring the integrity of the parties’ long term relationship as co-parents.

Zoë successfully appealed a fact finding after the wife’s allegations of serious sexual and domestic abuse were initially found not proven but on appeal and subsequent re-hearing all allegations were found proven. The Judge found there had previously been an error in both procedure and use of judicial discretion. The client’s concerns about arrangements for the children were then taken seriously.