Elaine Halligan

Parenting coach

Elaine Halligan

Elaine is a parenting coach, speaker  and author of ‘My Child’s Different’. Her expertise was born from real life experience, when her son was excluded from his third school at the age of seven. Using The Parent Practice methodology, her son’s sense of self worth was restored with lots of positive encouragement, giving him responsibility, encouraging independence, helping him understand and accept his feelings of difference, his anxieties, frustrations and anger, and helping him learn from failure and bounce back from set-backs.  All the skills parents need to help their children manage the changes in their lives when parents separate/divorce

The outcome was he finished school as Head Boy, and is now a budding entrepreneur. A huge testament to the transformative work and impact The Parent Practice has on families and children.

The Parent Practice together with Family Law in Partnership offer a live 3 session parenting after parting course on line, helping parents put their children first, when they part. They help you be the parent you’ve always imagined you would be, and it’s never too late to help your children develop into confident, happy adults.