Bep Dhaliwal

Resilience Coach

Bep Dhaliwal

Following a 20 year corporate career and numerous personal experiences, Bep has first-hand experience of many life altering lessons. The one she holds most dearly is that we must first understand ourselves, in order to successfully engage with the world around us.

Empowering people to understand themselves, so they can create a life in which they thrive is her ultimate goal. We all have the resources within us to achieve our potential, sometimes we just need a guide to walk with us and to help us see this from an alternative perspective, to understand our paradigms and what this can unlock for us.

Her work is underpinned through connection, growth and resilience.  Through creating a safe space to get curious, her clients leave feeling more aware and motivated to explore the right next step for them.

As well as running Thrive365, Bep is a trustee for the charity Relate, and volunteers as part of the leadership team of The Sister Sister Global network. She is also a passionate spokesperson for a number of cancer charities.

In our interview Bep shares here own story of divorce and her journey into becoming a resilience coach, as well as the process she works through with her clients to help them to build resilience, overcome trauma and live a happy and authentic life.