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The impact of parental conflict on children's mental health

6 Oct

A cautionary true story of the impact of parental conflict on children's mental health

Child looking say between hands of arguing parents

We all worry about our children, it is part of being a parent. It can be the reason an unhappy couple stays together or it can be a reason why an unhappy couple split up as they can not reconcile how to deal with the issue. However, whether divorcing or not parents in conflict can cause untold damage to their children that can be felt for years. 

It is a known fact that we are products of our environment, we learn through our experiences and mimicking those around us. As our subconscious mind develops between the age of 0 - 8 so do our beliefs, habits, expectations and behaviours. We then spend our adult lives looking for evidence that our view of the world is true. No one has a bigger impact on us than our parents. 

In this article by Claire Molyneux a Professional Support Lawyer at Mills and Reeves the tragic story of Lillia is shared. 

Lillia died following a suicide attempt which left her with a irreversible brain injury. The cause of her mental health issues detailed in private journals expresses the pain she felt from her parents divorce and ongoing conflict. 

Now, whilst Lillia’s case is thankfully rare, the causes and pain felt are not.  This article is a difficult read but one that highlights an important issue that needs to be addressed in order to secure a better future for our children and our children's children - if you can seek co-parenting help earlier you will be in a better position as a parent.

So, if you think your parenting relationship could be improved in any small way, reach out and talk about it to find out what help is available. If help is possible, it will make everyone feel better – adults and children. It will also aid the future relationships of the separated parents, and assist children with their own approach as they move through their lives.

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