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How to successfully introduce your new partner to your children

4 Jul

Introducing new partners is never easy, watch this video to avoid the pitfalls & successfully integrate your new partner into your family.

Family cooking dinner together young boy, girl, Mum and Dad

Introducing new partners is never easy no matter how good your relationship is with your kids or your co-parent, the introduction of a new partner will always change the family dynamic and the impact should not be underestimated. As a Divorce and Family Coach I see this time and time again.

The problem is in these circumstances first impressions really do count and if this is not done right trying to correct it or change opinion can be really hard. So how do you introduce a partner in the right way that is going to give them the best chance of getting on with your kids?

In this video I discuss with fellow divorce coach Claire Black how to avoid he pitfalls and make sure your new partner is accepted by your children.

  1. Take your time. Do not rush enjoy the honeymoon period and make sure this is definitely someone who you want to share your life with and is worth introducing to your children.
  2. Questions your intensions, why do you want to be with them?
  3. Tell your ex first, tell the children together or at least agree when this will happen so they can support the children.
  4. If possible let your ex meet your new partner before telling the kids, it will put there mind at ease and make them more supportive.
  5. Don't over do it in the first meeting. Meet for a lunch or a playdate not a whole weekend, your children need time to adjust and need to know you will always be there for them.
  6. Follow up with each child individually, one on one time is really important especially at a time of change, they need to know they can still have time with you and have their minds put at ease that this person isn't taking you away from them.

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