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How to have a great first Christmas after divorce

7 Dec

The first Christmas after your separation can be tricky especially with Children, here are our tips on how to make it a Happy one.

Woman looking hopeful drinking.a hot drink outside in front of a Christmas tree

The first Christmas after separating/divorcing is not easy, especially if you have children and are facing the prospect of being without them for some of the Christmas holidays. In this interview Divorce Coaches Claire Black and Nichole Farrow explain why this celebration is more difficult than the rest and how to reframe Christmas so you can enjoy your time with and without your children. And in doing so create a happy Christmas you can look back on fondly.

Claire Black is a leading Break-up and Divorce Coaches and author of "Break-up: From Crisis to Confidence", the essential guide for anyone facing a sudden separation.  Claire offers bespoke coaching to support individuals through break-up, and to create new and vibrant lives.  She is a Master NLP Practitioner, divorcee and parent to two teenage boys. She is also a former solicitor. Using all of her professional and personal experience, Claire has built a thriving coaching business, empowering clients all over the world to create fulfilling lives after break-up or divorce.

This interview is a must for anyone facing Christmas alone or without their children, packed with great practical advice and honest account from two exceptional coaches who have been there and helped many through it.

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