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Nichole is a certified Robbins Madanes trained coach and NLP practitioner, having trained with both Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor. Nichole has managed her own company, worked with the Met and the Uk’s largest Healthcare provider, and  has a regular monthly session on BBC Five Live discussing day's issues and sharing her expertises.

A contented mother of one, Nichole balances her life and her responsibilities as a business owner, wife and member of a growing family. She  knows first hand the challenges that come with balancing all of this, as well as the pressure of high expectations (particularly from herself).

Rest assured, however, Nichole has experienced the lows as well as the highs. The product of a blended family, Nichole experienced first hand the impact of toxic relationships and the inherent behaviours that can come about as a result. Through coaching she was able to work on her mindset and subconscious beliefs that were holding her back. 


Always looking for new challenges and unafraid to take on the biggest of problems. So whether you want to overcome family issues,  renew your relationship, or learn how to master your mindset , contact Nichole for a one to one consultation.


Nichole Farrow is committed to getting the best results for her clients so they reach their full potential and enjoy all the opportunities life has to offer.

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Nichole has been a fantastic coach.  She has really given me insight into my belief systems that were holding me back and helped me to find the inner strength to tackle anything in life. Nichole takes a holistic view and covers all the areas of your life.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nichole, especially if you are looking to thrive, not just survive.



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